TK Skinner


"Don't Give Up; Live Your Dreams"

The Brand "TK Skinner" comprises of sisters Tonya Skinner (songwriter/musician) and KiKi Skinner (music journalist/songwriter).  Dubbed "Rock Sisters" by ERICA, these Indie Music Ambassadors were inspired by:  George Michael, Elton John, Savage Garden, Heart, Prince, U2, Diana Ross, Queen, Cyndi Lauper, The Bee Gees, Bananarama, WHAM!, and the Pet Shop Boys.  The sisters first showed that sisters can ROCK when they took to the stage at The Maryland State Fair.  They decided to try the vocal booth that one summer night, and although the performance was set to chart topping 80’s cover songs, the audience went wild!  It was a random act of wits, but they drew in an audience, so much so, that they were asked back the following year to perform.  After that momentous summer, it took some years before the sisters would actually record their first demo, but once they laid their vocals in the studio after penning their first single “Apparition,” there was no turning back ....  

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